Monotona Tyres Ltd.


Monotona Tyres Ltd (MTL) was incorporated on 25th January 1995, and became part of the Ruia Group in 2007 as a small, loss-making unit. MTL boasts an impressive client list and had been supplying tyres and tubes to Bajaj Auto Limited under the brand name MTL RACER. That was the big beginning. MTL set up a new plant and started making 1.5 million tyres and tubes per annum.

Annualized capacity was reached by 2000, while today, after the inclusion into the Ruia Group, MTL has expanded to a capacity of 300,000 tyres & 600,000 tubes per month, and is supplying to Bajaj Auto, Mahindra, Rahul Coach Builders Pvt. Ltd etc.

MTL also makes DUNLOP and DONIN brand tyres & tubes.

Export market
MTL has successfully entered the export market. The countries/regions that MTL is exporting to are:
-        South America
-        Countries in the Middle East
-        Africa
-        Sri Lanka
-        Bangladesh

Production Facility/ Machinery
At its Plant in Wada, MTL uses machines procured from National / International reputed machinery manufacturers. Its major machines include 11D/ 3A/3D Banbury Mixer, 84"&60"  Mills, Tread Extruder, 48"/4 Roll Calendar, Bias Cutter, Bead Winding Machine, Tyre Building Machine, Tyre Curing Presses, Tube Extruder, Tube Splicer and Tube Curing  Presses. 

The Plant is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of sizes of tyres and tubes for 2/3 wheelers, passenger cars, vans, jeeps, light commercial vehicles, tractor front etc.

MTL is also manufacturing flaps applicable to various sizes.

The best quality raw materials are used including imported butyl rubber for tubes.

Quality standards
MTL has established a quality management system that is in compliance with the International Quality System Standard ISO-9001-2008 certified by International Agency – AQA.
MTL's quality system / standard is also certified by BIS for marking of ISI ( IS – 15627 )
MTL's 4-wheeler tyres and quality system are certified by European Standard TUV for application of E-4 marking for exporting tyres to European countries.

The future plan
MTL plans to increase its capacity to 4.0 million tyres and tubes/annum.

Unique Selling Points
MTL is a high quality producer offering significant price benefits to the customer. The brand has been well established in the market and MTL has a large field force and network of dealers to serve the tyre service sector and after sales warranty claims, if any.

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