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Ruia Group has completed its fourth overseas acquisition in a row within a span of just 3 years. Acument, rechristened as Ruia Global Fasteners based in Germany which is one of the few providers of complete fastening supply chain and logistics programs for vehicle and component assembly facilities is now a part of the Group. The company has about 130,000 sq mt of production area in its 4 plants in Garmany employing 1300 people. It processes about 55,000 tonnes of metal a year, producing more than 3.2 billion parts for the auto industry and supplying to all major OEM's including VW, BMW, Daimler, GM, MAN, TRW, Ford etc.

Acument, a leading player in engineering products specially fasteners including shalted bolts, hexagonal screws and many other high preision fastener products, a well known name in the auto ancillary industry and has a client roster that includes the likes of Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, GM, MAN, and TRW among others.

Post acquisition, Acument has been renamed Ruia Global Fasteners. This acquisition is a significant step by the Ruia Group towards creating a stronger foothold and larger market share in the global auto ancillary domain. With the acquisition Ruia Group has procured a comprehensive technology for all the latest fastening need of automobile industry.
"At the Ruia Group we have developed specialized skills to manage acquisitions and alliances so that we can leverage the full power of such collaborations. There are special teams to act as repositories of knowledge and institutionalized processes not only for identifying targets and handling due diligence, but basically to ensure that these collaborations work smoothly."
Pawan Kumar Ruia.
Chairman Ruia group

Ruia Group, the fastest growing industrial conglomerate in India, widely acclaimed as the 'turnaround specialists' have done miracles with companies like Jessop, Dunlop and Falcon charting newer avenues of growth, In the world industrial scenario too it has made its mark felt by propelling profitable growth in the companies it has acquired.

Be it engineering, rubber processing or automobile ancillary, the acquisition strategy in the Group has always revolved around companies with rich heritage and brand value, which also gives access to state-of-the art technology platforms.

As a result of this acquisition, four plant located in Germany and a warehouse comes into the fold of the Ruia Group, opening up windows to countless markets across the globe, especially Europe, the hub of high end automobiles.
Beckingen Plant : An Overview
Specialises in Long Shafted Parts
Key Figures
External Sales 2009: € 42.3 Million
Size of production area 33,355 m2
Employee : 342
Production volume : 760 Million parts/year
Metal consumed : 19,400 tonnes/year
Longl shafted parts
Forged Parts:
M5 – M16, Length max, 500mm
M5 – M24, Integrated production
Neuss Plant : An Overview
Specialises in Cold form and Extrusion Parts
Key Figures
External Sales 2009: € 43.2 Million
Size of production area 45,000m2
Employees : 314
Production volume : 420 Million parts/year
Metal consumed : 14,000 tonnes / year
Tribular screws
Extrusion parts
Screws with washers
Self-locking screws
Forged parts with winding
Neuwied Plant : An Overview
Specialises in cold form parts, Aluminium Screws and Ball Studs
Key Figures
External Sales 2009: € 44.7 Million
Size of production area 39.300m2
Employees : 336
Production volume : 915 Million parts / year
Metal consumed : 14,590 tonnes / year
Cold formed parts
Aluminum screws
Self-threading screws
Welded ball studs
Special step pins
Tribular screws
Schrozberg Plant : An Overvies
Specialises in short Shafted Parts, Nuts and Bolts
Key Figures
External Sales 2009 : € 32.0 Million
Size of production area : 8,636m2
Employees : 298
Production volume : 360 Million parts / year
Metal consumed : 6,834 tonnes / year
Short Shafted part
Stamped and flexible parts
Lock screws
Special Nuts
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